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Creating a Great Employee Onboarding Experience


Effective employee onboarding can make a new employee feel welcome while covering all HR bases for compliance. Whether your business hires a new remote worker or brings a local staff member on board, the right onboarding experience will enhance your employer brand and offer new employees a high quality HR experience.

Consider these industry best practices to optimize the onboarding experience for your next new hire:

  1. Facilitate the networking process. For most new hires, the first few days include a whirlwind of introductions. Only those who excel at networking will remember all the names and faces of the people they meet. Others may need a little help. Consider walking new hires through a picture-added directory of team members, executives, and closely related departments to help a new hire associate names with faces.

  2. Avoid information overload. New hires must often juggle policies, processes, and people during orientation, which can lower retention rates. To help new employees understand and retain important information, consider using a few different training tactics.

    Many employers send out an orientation packet before the first day on the job to give an employee time to learn on his or her own before orientation and training. Break up orientation subjects by topic and try to keep the information simple and engaging. Employees who really understand the material will quickly acclimate to the new environment and contribute value to the team.

  3. Cover all relevant information. In today’s digitalized world, companies often need to train new hires on more than how to use the copier and fax machine. Online security best practices, digital branding, after-hours communications, and workflows all deserve coverage in a modern orientation.

    Set out clear expectations at the beginning of the professional relationship, along with the perks. Often, having a team lunch or other fun activity to look forward to can incentivize a new hire to keep the ball rolling.

  4. Maintain an open and engaging onboarding process. Businesses that focus on a great onboarding process will inspire new employees to perform well long after the honeymoon phase of employment. Look for feedback about the onboarding process from existing employees and work to create a helpful and enjoyable orientation that offers mutual benefit to both the business and the individual.

Satisfied and supported employees tend to maintain higher levels of productivity than bored or intimidated ones. The employer-employee relationship starts with the onboarding process. Develop a strong relationship during onboarding to avoid potential HR difficulties down the road.

Posted on: July 3rd, 2017


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