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How to Begin the Workers Compensation Process


Injuries on the job are an unfortunate but often common occurrence, especially depending on the type of job. Some jobs are more dangerous and strenuous than others and can lead to more accidents. And other jobs are less dangerous but they can also lead to accidents if not careful. For example, even if you work at an office, you could slip and fall or be involved in some other type of accident. If you find yourself in an accident at work, you need to begin a workers compensation claim to see if you are entitled to benefits through your work. If your workplace is at fault or the accident occurred at your place of employment, your employer could be responsible for the medical bills through workers compensation. Follow these steps to file your report accordingly.

File an Accident Report with Your Employer

First and foremost, report any accidents right away and file an accident report with your employer. If the accident is not reported, it didn’t happen. Most employers and laws state that there is a timeframe for reporting work-related accidents. If you wait to report your accident, you could be filing a report outside of that time frame and miss out on any worker’s compensation benefits. Even if you aren’t sure you’re injured, it is always a good idea to file a report anyway, should any injuries or pains happen later.

Visit a Doctor

After you’ve made the report, be sure to visit a doctor. Of course, before you do, be sure to gather the worker's compensation information from your employer so you know what is needed from the doctor. And then be sure to inform the doctor and staff that you are there due to a work-related injury and you will be using workers compensation insurance. Visiting a doctor will provide you with documentation and proof of any injuries so that the worker's compensation claim can be filed properly.

Workers compensation is very important as an employee, because you might be entitled to receive benefits or payment of bills, or paid time off to successfully heal your injury should it inhibit you from returning to work for any period of time. Knowing your employers’ workers compensation policy is always a good idea so that should an accident occur, you know what to do to get it taken care of.

Posted on: March 16th, 2018


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