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How Important is an Employee Handbook?

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1. Employees get a good idea of your company’s mission, values, and culture

New employees need some formal introduction into your corporate culture, giving them a better idea of how they will fit in. It goes a long way in fostering belonging and a sense of pride among your staff members. The introduction section of the handbook sets a good standard for employment relationships overall. It becomes the cornerstone for the rest of the policies outlined in the other sections.

2. Gives employees an understanding of the company’s expectations

A well-laid out handbook provides your employees with a concise understanding of what their responsibilities are. It also provides guidance on the company’s procedures and policies. For instance, it will advise employees on what procedures need to be followed in case of an unscheduled absence or while requesting time off for an annual vacation etc.  In addition, the handbook will outline your employees’ general responsibilities regarding reporting, timekeeping, and safety. By providing easily accessible and clear information, a handbook ensures your company continues moving in the proper direction.

3. Makes employees aware of what they can expect from the company’s leadership team

The handbook also provides leadership styles, management best practices, and objective, to foster healthier employee-management relationships. It had guidelines on pay periods, hours of work, timekeeping requirements and logistics. Clearly communicated policies help effectively eliminate any inconsistencies and confusion that can arise when the handbook make no mention of these particular topics.

4. Clear and consistent communication of the company’s key policies

Policies will be effective only if they are practiced consistently. A handbook will help accurately communicate your company’s policies regarding conduct and behavior, employment, compensation as well as other procedures and policies you follow. Very importantly, the management team can also refer to the handbook when making decisions or answering queries regarding the organization’s policies, ensuring their actions & answers are consistent with your best practices and policies.

5. Showcases all the benefits your company offers

If you offer paid parental leave, health insurance, 401(k), vacations and other similar benefits to employees, communicate these via your handbook. It helps employees get a clear understanding of the benefits they are eligible for.  The robustness of your benefits package can be the difference between retaining bight and great employees and a high employee turnover rate.

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In addition to all these, it ensures compliance with all state and federal laws and also helps defend against any employee claims. If it has been a while since you reviewed your company’s policies and updated the employee handbook, or even if you need help creating a detailed one, contact us today.  

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Posted on: April 21st, 2018


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