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Midyear Planning For Your Employees


We live in an age of ongoing, informal feedback and many managers wonder whether mid-year reviews are still relevant. Well before the concept of year-ending reviews & other aspects of traditional management processes started being questioned, many companies had started feeling that the entire process had become very cumbersome and repetitive.

This is why most organizations had turned mid-year reviews into a more informal check-in. But the fact is, that mid-year reviews continue to have a vital role to play; this is especially true if employees, as well as managers, are shown exactly how they can get the most from them. We at Partners HR, like many other Human Resources Oklahoma teams, recognize the importance of having an informal meeting at mid-year. This is especially true in organizations where feedback is more of a norm.

Some steps to take

Employees and managers use this opportunity to discuss the performance goals as well as development. Here are some steps you can take to manage mid-year planning for your employees in a meticulous and methodical manner:

1. Coaching and Feedback

In addition to the periodic informal feedback discussions you conduct at mid-year, you need to schedule a mid-year review discussion. This is part of the coaching and feedback stage. These sessions prove to be very useful and provide an excellent opportunity to address job responsibilities and performance expectations systematically.

2. Scheduling the mid-year review

  • The supervisor should notify the staff members of the meeting at least one week before the date that has been set for the mid-year meeting.
  • Explain to the employees that the focus of the session is specifically to review the performance expectations, including job responsibilities. It’s important to talk about how things have been progressing as well as identifying the steps you can take to improve performance over the rest of the year. 
  • In case the peer review process is being used the supervisor needs to prepare the right materials. They also need to inform the staff members and invite the rest of the peers to complete the forms. The manager would also need to provide detailed instructions for completing the forms and returning them on time.

3. Preparing for the Mid-Year Review

  • Examine all the information and notes on performance issues/results in order to align the peer review information.
  • This information can be used to make a preliminary determination about the extent to which the employee’s performance and progress meet expectations.
  • This is the time to consider whether any department changes or job changes are required. These may need performance replacements or revisions.
  • It’s crucial that the supervisor consider how their behavior may be impeding or encouraging the progress of their subordinates.

4. Conducting the Mid-Year Review

  • Confirm the employees understanding of the mid-year review as well as the purpose of it. 
  • You would need to ask the employee for a verbal assessment of their progress on achieving their individual performance plan.
  • The supervisor would need to share observations. They should add their own perspective as well as give positive feedback and commend the accomplishments of the staff members. 
  • If there are any problems with performance, the supervisor will need to ask how they can help the staff member improve or overcome these problems.

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Posted on: June 13th, 2018


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