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You Need Human Resources to Make Taxes Clear for Your Workers


The importance of a human resource department cannot be understated. Their work covers a wide array of tasks that does not only help your business grow but also makes every little issue clear for every employee. Apart from providing the basic functions of hiring and terminating employees, they also become the only connection between management and employees that settles disputes and questions when it comes to salary issues and problems.

Payroll Withholdings is One Important Issue that Needs to be Understood

Every worker will always see deductions from his salary regardless of the mode of salary payment. Federal and State taxes will always be reflected and withheld on paychecks. This needs to be clear for every employee and their awareness can only be established by a department that handles such issues.

Not only does a human resource department make it easy to handle such inquiries and problems about the tax deduction, but qualifications for exemptions have to pass through their hands. Personal tax exemptions for married individuals filing joint returns and other claims need to be processed by the human resource.

Tax Obligations is Every Worker’s Duty

Back in 1943, the government only withheld taxes when it needed to increase revenue for projects and the like. Withholding taxes from an employee’s salary only took effect during the Lincoln administration to help fund the government’s Civil War efforts. Taxes on other related brands and imports also took effect during the same era.

Although it may be a burden for every worker, the need to have this important aspect of salary deductions explained amongst every employee falls upon the jurisdiction of a human resource personnel if not a department.

Eliminate IRS Penalties by Enforcing a Strict Employee Compliance

Depending on the type of IRS form W4 signed by an employee, the amount of withholding tax to be taken out of a salary falls upon the control of the employer. This means you have to determine how much to take out from a worker’s compensation based on a number of criteria.

These criteria also affect the amount that needs to be taken out. Circumstances including the number of jobs a worker has, marital status, and a number of dependents play a crucial role in calculating the amount to be withheld. Only a human resource can do all these works effectively so that other departments can immediately impose such deductions on the worker´s compensation.

Posted on: November 8th, 2017


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