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Goal Setting for Your Business Should Top Your New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions are easy to make … and very hard to keep. In fact, a study a few years ago examined 800 million user-logged activities that showed most people are likely to give up on their New Year’s Resolution by January 19. “The d...

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A sign that says Pay Raise Just Ahead

New Employment Laws and Minimum Wage Changes in 2023

While there are no significant employment law changes effective in 2023 from a federal mandate, employers still need to be aware of any legi...

Small Business Strategies to Survive Soaring Salary Inflation

A year ago the think tank the Conference Board surveyed American businesses and found that companies-- facing the gauntlet of rising inflati...
Multiple hats for Small Business

HR: One of the Many Hats Small Business Owners Must Wear

It’s no secret that small business owners must wear many hats from CEO to sales to marketing to HR and all the way down the line to being th...
HR - Human Resources

Win-Win: PEOs Benefit Both Employers and Employees

Many small and mid-size business (SMB) employers and their employees could use a win these days after more than two years of uncertainty tha...
Depressed businessman sitting under question marks

Business Leaders Handle Employee Compensation in Inflationary Times

Small business owners can be forgiven if they hear the echoes of carnival barkers during these inflationary times: “Around and around, it go...
Keep Learning written on rural road

Importance of Continuous Learning on Employee Wellness, Career Advancement

Employers and employees both agree that continuous learning can have a positive impact on employee wellness and career advancement, as well ...
A lady framing the sun with her fingers

Improving a Small Business Payroll Setup

As a small business owner in Oklahoma, you would much rather focus on your core business function of the business growth and relieve yoursel...